Design & coordination

We create fabulous weddings. Specialising in individual, creative and artistic designs.

your big day

Taking time to discover exactly how you would like your special day to look and feel, we create a wedding design to suite your style and personalities.

We start by sourcing everything required to create a fabulous wedding celebration and we can help with every step of your wedding styling and into the design, creation and production of your fabulous day

Alongside creating fabulous florals, we adore wedding and event design, the styling, creation and production of an unforgettable day, the creative process is very personal and we get to know you  as a couple and also as the individuals before you met and bring this knowledge together to make your ideas reality.

When you commission us for your fabulous day, we tailor everything to you and your story. We concentrate on how we can we work precisely on the atmosphere, the ambiance, the style and the design of your event. This time is where we create the concept for the very heart of your event, so it correspond to you down to the last detail.

We appeal to your emotions, memories, objects and images that are close to your heart individually and as a couple to develop a style that fits your love story. Our conversations will inspire your bespoke proposal. The whole mood board for your wedding will be solely with you in mind.

Wedding design is the process of giving life to this inspiring mood board, where we bring together all the elements and realise the beauty in the small things to produce a fabulous day or even weekend, a complete event that reflects the two of you.

Wedding production is bringing this all together, and the mood boards become a reality. We can do the entire set up and coordination or provide a plan for you to create yourselves.

We will…

Create fabulous mood boards to fit with your style adding touches of magic and inspiration

Help you realise the decorations from the start of your day welcome through to the end of the day

Provide, set-up and production on you wedding day or entire weekend

Once you are happy with your designs we will help you find the right additional suppliers to fit with your wishes

If you are longing for a wildly fabulous wedding but need inspiration, guidance in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Do you know how you would like your wedding to look, but you don’t know where to start, or aren’t sure of your look but have a budget and want somewhere to take everything off your hands and present you with your fabulous dream.

Do you feel overwhelmed with so many ideas and you are finding it difficult  to know how to proceed. Please contact us and we can help you

We can’t wait to here from you xo